Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.1.1

Pandika Beneran Friday, January 16, 2015 0 comments
Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.1.1

Press phone's Power Button 3 times within 3 seconds to start your flash / camera LED light!
Now you have an real-life torch with an actual hardware button for switching the flash!

* Start Flashlight by pressing Power Button of device 3 times (start counting when screen is off).
* Stop Flashlight from Power Button (in Full version only). Or just stop it inside the app for free.
* Fastest access to Flashlight - no need to unlock or even look at phone.
* Works always - even if screen is off / device is asleep.
* Optimized for performance and right user experience - see settings inside.
* Use as regular Flashlight app if you do not like the Power Button feature.

What's New
Version 2.1:
✓ Redesign of app's icon
✓ Shake to start flashlight when screen is On
✓ Setting to disable flashlight when screen is covered (like accidental Power button presses in pocket)
✓ Many fixes on the stability of the flashlight toggle:
1. No accidental starts when Power button is jumpy.
2. No accidental start when in call or other sensor interference.
3. No more problems when stopping flashlight on small count of devices.
Ver. 2.1.1.: Small but important fix.

Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.1.1Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.1.1

Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.1.1Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.1.1

Require 2.3 and Up & File Size 2.7mb



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