AndroIRC premium v5.0

Pandika Beneran Saturday, January 10, 2015 0 comments
AndroIRC premium v5.0

AndroIRC is your all new IRC client!

• File transfer
• mIRC colors
• auto join channels on startup
• nickserv auth
• Android notifications
• copy & paste
• logging
• sasl auth (plain and blowfish)
• Multiple servers connections (SSL support)
• Easy access menu to kick, ban, change privileges...
• FiSH support (needs Android 2.3 or above)
• Tablet support
• SSL certificate support
• /Ignore support
• Nick and channels completion
• Proxy support
• Shortcuts
• Handle irc:// links
• And much more!

What's New
File transfer (aka DCC) is finally supported! Exchange files with your friends right now!
Full change-log is available here:

AndroIRC premium v5.0AndroIRC premium v5.0

AndroIRC premium v5.0AndroIRC premium v5.0

Require 1.6 and Up & File Size 2.5mb



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